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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Obsession on Weight

i'm not forgetting about my personal time of writing in the blog nor to press 'DEL" and go for another media. It's just that lately was totally packed with "to-do lists". Hardly could find time for amusement where others done with their assignments. Btw, a bit relief after handing in the last piece of assignment in the past few day.
      lately, i was astonished by weight, i mean mine. A rapid increase was there, from 54kg to 56 kg. I doubted it at the first place where i have to recheck it for another time. And there i go!! 56kg was there! no doubt! not anymore..haha..i'm goin to tell my parents about this and it is must!! I bet, i'll b putting on weight after Hari Gawai..n it's guaranteed! i've no idea about this rapid change. uncertainty, whether this would help me to be healthy or the other way round. Hopefully, I totally healthy and praise to God to keep me healthy..ever after^^

Sunday, April 08, 2012

beginning of sheer pressure..b prepared!

will i be like this??
i'm a little bit under pressure..i mean for the current situation. Only God knows the real mixed-feelings that i own right now. Assignments, micro teachings, Unit Beruniform, replacement class which i dislike so much..urghhh! life won't be tht easy since this is the beginning of hectic months, for both april and may. UJjian Akhir Kursus which will be held next week, n i'm totally unprepared for it. Plus the subject that really doesn't interest me at ol, the one related to History subject which i've learnt in Secondary school. Gosh! such a long description i've made. sorry for extending the description..ngee^^

or hit by the books while revising??
        exam is another thing that every single of teacher trainee need to face by May. I must do well and raise up to the place where i've began reaching the highest pointer before. i MUST and BELIEVE i can do and bring back the triumphant.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

i'm glad i'm a school teacher

         last few week, i went to a school nearest to my long house, purposely for our 3rd SBE(School Based Experience). it was not a big school nor with the wide compound and not even with the high school building. it was small school with a very less student there. I really get into SBE this time since i've gone through roughly more than twice experience of going and teaching in the school. Let's enjoy viewing the pictures:)

and i present myself to Hari Permuafakatan held on saturday

Monday, March 26, 2012

Back to campus life. Nothing else i culd say, juz that 2 weeks holiday was totally full of enjoyment. Spending time with family is another inerasable part. Feeling empty the moment i'm away from home. Start to miss them and every single moment i've spent in home. Especially the scrumptious home cooks.
    Today, first thing i've done in the morning was reading the Holy Bible. that's the way i culd calm myself and bring back study mode. Since yesterday nite, i kept calling and receiving calls from home. It's indescribable how i miss my home so bad.
   And i've started counting the days towards another upcoming holiday in Mei. 8 weeks to go, hoping for time to flies and approaches Mei in a glimpse.
   Can't hold these tears anymore. I realized that i'm truly weak inside. These tears are nothing compared to the feeling of missing my beloved family.

"An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship"
i wanna be a bird who can fly freely in the sky, heading towards my home..:(

this feeling is undeniably unendurable..:( 


i realized that..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

a son's words

they never asked for change. they extremely accept me for who i am. who believes i've stood here, be in da same boat with other fellas. countless hardships, and sliced by thorny sharped bushes of almost unbelievable things happened in the past, at laz i've been here for wht i deserved to have. there's no sigh since the indescribable events dragged me to the peak of triumphant. i really thank both of my beloved parents as well as the whole family of mine for had been there to speed the determination. "only the bird's mother knows how to feed her kids". other won't do. they never knew, but they noticed wht happened. not trying to make the flashback of the plots, but merely to touch the bottom of the bitterness. enormous hardships had past, n i can't conceal the instinct tht keep saying, "you're heading towards solitude and joys". cuz their prayers be my stick while i'm away for thousand miles..promise, i'll be back with the thre for me now and ever after..

Monday, February 20, 2012

there goes a present again..

today..was a fairytale.tet! haha
today was filled with joys and hyper-activeness especially during the lecture..
we had a phonic song presentation juz now,
where me and some friend of mine being the "class clown"..
class clown is not a taboo word for me..
we're being a class clown absolutely not to seek for the attention,
if u do describe us in such a way, MIDDLE FINGER for u! ^_*
in fact, we wanna make the class alive and full of excitement..
or else, u will end up with damn boring and killing lecture ever..

regularly receiving the gifts since the 3rd sem had begun, i noticed it^^

juz get into my main entry for today,
our hard works, hyper-activeness, childishness got rewarded for presenting the best phonic songs..
*a round of applause :)
really unique present i guess..haha

before offiiciated..

stuff inside..hahaxD

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2 things that really made my day :)

Blood Donation Campaign was done successfully!
congrate to all members of BSMM for the hard work to attract lot of donors to come and mke donation.
and one thing funny about the day,
i was able to go to the 1st counter to chck my blood type.
but then i was running away before leading to next, next, next counters..damn funny!
the reason y i didn't move on to the other counters was tht..
i culdn't escape from the feeling of afraid to blood, and it happened since i was a kid (damn me!)
i easily can get suffocated and feel the agony on certain part of the body (weaknesses)

dream came true since i knew what blood type i owned..
it's "O" (universal donor after all..hee)
though i was afraid to mke blood donation,
i'll make sure that someday i donate my blood to those needy..
when i'm 100% prepared and empty the nervousness + allergy..

another thing that made my day for today was..
i put on weight..
50kg------> 52kg
awesome! n i was satisfied with the 2 kg..
n hopefully, in days to come, i'll be increasing in height as well..hahaxD

(= =)

Monday, January 30, 2012

current collection =)

Everything in life i share, except of course my Teddy Bear..

cuddle and warm, this calming creature reassure me in the days when fears fly before reason and the world loom bleak instead beautiful. The Teddy Bear, allt hings to all ages, symbol that all is right with the world if one only believes..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


sudden entry! since it came across my mind..haha
it's kinda peculiar since this entry might merely suitable for the little ones..
but, it's purposely for friendly reading..
teenage,adults can be counted as well..
no restriction to enjoy reading the childish contents..

still able to recall back ONE of  the favorite tv series those day, MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS??
it was the first power rangers series i've watched..
the following years, other types of power rangers series had been released..
do u able to remember their names?? 
if not, i got a brief details regarding all of them ;)

six of them

he's an author of martial art

he's a film producer

he's a dancer

she was an actrees before involving in an accident and dead

she's a singer and very talented in composing songs

i didn't manage to find the details about the green ranger.
but i know his name..TOMMY =)

and not to forget their friend..
i'm not sure what his name is..
but it always uttering the "ayaiyai" sound...haha
do inform me if u know its name..


last entry for today..
gud nite people..emmuah! ;)


book of excuses

hey people out thre!
today's atmosphere seems cold after raining. i wonder how many people still "playing around" in their dreamlands since it's the most appropriate weather to close your eyes, hug ur teddy bear and zzzZZZ..

dear adorable people out there, i guess i cme up with an interesting entry for today. it's not something sparkling nor heart-melting..
it's sumting fun to be read.hahaha. 

have u ever had a "BOOK OF EXCUSEs" in ur classroom or home??
have u ever practice having it??
no?? yes??
it's not a joke and seriously i mean it..
still disbelieve?? no worries guys, i got a proof here.
jeng! jeng! jeng!
i was the one who in charge of this book..haha

it had been implemented and practised in my class in 2009, but now no more..
a few conditions had been agreed on:
1) those who come late to the class or enter the class after the lecture had started MUST write their excuses in the book.
2) the excuses MUST not be the same among individuals.

interesting right?? and of cuz i like the idea of having such book.
but unfortunately, its implementation doesn't go that long and loose..
we've to stop since not all lecturer ask the students to write their excuses whenever they make mistakes..
and not all students willing to write the excuses.
but for me, i prefer to write rather than to stand in front of the class and verbally tell the lecturers ;)

some excuses might be funny,
but no worries guys,
        ur names are kept confidential..haha
enjoy reading!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ron Clark's Essential 55 Rules

since we are having "Behavior & Classroom management" subject within this semester
i would like to share a little bit regarding 55 rules proposed by Ron Clark..
students as well as the teachers itself,
should ponder and ask urself,
have u ever practiced wht had been listed in these 55 rules..
those are as follows:

1.      Respond to an adult when spoken to.
2.      Make eye contact when spoken to.
3.      Congratulate classmates.
4.      Respect other students’ comments, opinions, and ideas.
5.      If you win, do not brag, if you lose, do not show anger.
6.      If you are asked a question in conversation, ask a question in return.
7.      Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough and say excuse me.
8.      Do not show disrespect with gestures.
9.      Always say thank you when given something.
10.  When you receive something, do not insult the gift or the giver.
11.  Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness.
12.  When grading other students’ papers, give only the correct grade.
13.  Follow along when we read together in class.
14.  Answer all written questions with a complete sentence.
15.  Do not ask for a reward.
16.  You must complete your homework every day.
17.  Subject transitions and moving to different classrooms will be swift, quiet, and orderly.
18.  Be as organized as possible.
19.  When homework is assigned, do not moan or complain.
20.  When a substitute teacher present, all class rules still apply.
21.  Follow the specific classroom protocols.
22.  You may bring a bottle of water to class; you may not leave for a drink of water during class.
23.  Know other teachers’ names and greet them in the hall by name.
24.  Keep yourself and the bathroom clean and germ-free.
25.  Greet visitors and make them feel welcome.
26.  Do not save seats in the lunchroom.
27.  Do not stare at a student who is being reprimanded.
28.  Call me if you have a question about homework and leave a message –once.
29.  The ABC’s of etiquette.
30.  After dining in the cafeteria or elsewhere, be responsible for your trash.
31.  (Used at his school) In a hotel room, leave a tip for the hotel workers who clean your room.
32.  On a bus, always face forward.
33.  When meeting new people shake hands and repeat their names.
34.  When offered food, take only your fair share.
35.  If someone drops something and you are close to it, pick it up.
36.  Hold the door for people rather than letting it close on them.
37.  If someone bumps into you, say excuse me, even if it was not your fault.
38.  On a field trip, enter a public building quietly.
39.  On a field trip, compliment the place you are visiting.
40.  During an assembly, do not speak or call out to friends.
41.  At home, answer your phone in a polite and appropriate manner.
42.  When returning from a trip, shake the hands of every chaperone.
43.  Keep right in the hallways when walking.
44.  When walking in line, Keep your arms at your sides and move quietly.
45.  Never cut in line.
46.  No talking during movie or distance learning.
47.  Do not bring Doritos into the school building (a joke in his classroom)
48.  If anyone is bullying you, let me know.
49.  Stand up for what you believe.
50.  Be positive and enjoy life.
51.  Live so that you will never have regrets.
52.  Learn from your mistakes and move on.
53.  No matter the circumstances, always be honest.
54.  Carpe Diem.
55.  Be the best person you can be.

to my fellow teacher-to-be,
do practice all above from today onwards..
give a try at least! =)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Malaysia's Next Top Model

i'm not a fortune teller,
neither to foresee things in future..
what is goin to happen in days to come,
had been planned for us by our Father in Heaven..

to get into my update,
today was a marvellous day for me..
and of cuz something special happened,
n it was unecpected..

last few weeks,
my class had been assigned to write a poem on "myself" based on our subject "kid's literature"
not merely to write,
but to put it in a designed card..
everyone of us came up with different creativity..
and i came up with a very own idea of mine:


Funny, Skinny
Naughty, Obedient, Cheerful
Malaysia's Next Top Model

and for your info,
this type of poem known as Diamond Poem as what had been learnt by us in the previous sem

and thing happened unexpectedly!
mine was chosen as the best poem among my fellow clazmates..
a gift from that particular lecturer

original wrapped! :)
after that..

simple, typical but absolutely motivating!

thanks God for having me to be rewarded
i believe, hard effort deserves to have sumting gud in return
sooner or later..=)

Friday, January 13, 2012


once again, a song from my favorite international singer LADY GAGA amazed me..
most people despised her but i'm not one of them..
in fact, i've a full interest on her and her songs in short..
a friend of mine wanted me to listen to her song..
undeniably, the lyric is totally meaningful..
and of cuz, it's related to her life as well as ours..

i've cited a stanza from her song's lyric..
as it bashes the edge of my life..

"I've had enough, this is my prayer
That I'll die livin' just as free as my hair
I've had enough, this is my prayer
That I'll die livin' just as free as my hair
I've had enough, I'm not a freak
I just keep fightin' to stay cool on the streets
I've had enough, enough, enough
And this is my prayer, I swear
I'm as free as my hair
I'm a free as my hair
I am my hair
I am my hair"

how do you define the word "hair" actually?
anyway, different individual might come up with their personal definitions..
evry single of us free to have their own hairstyle..
and we can see vividly..
that people nowadays up to date with fashion..
they used to refer themselves as "fashionista"..

 mutual thing happen to our lives..
we are free to choose what path to be taken..
in what way we'll be living..
with whom we wanna live and spend the entire life..
the decision is in our hands..
grab it and nver let others seize it from you..
people might despise the way you're living..
but they dun have the right to plan a life for you..

you can be a what you like to be,
you can have what you wanna have,
you decide, not others!
you can have various preferences within you yourself..
all because, that life is yours <3

afraid of people,before they start spreading a bad side of you??
oh, gosh!
who cares!
people are like that, perhaps because they are on the peak of their jealousy..
so, keep making them envy is a way towards revenge..

so people,
what to afraid of..
let's live out loud!
enjoy Friday Night..
we'll go on the floor..
cuz, this life is all yours..

dedicated to lovely people like you..

Thursday, January 12, 2012


laz week i've decorated my room
since it had been left dusty for one and a half month..
it was not an easy job in decorating..
lot of things need to be done..
lot of things need to be pasted..
to be torn off..
to be changed..
to be swept away..

but, it was pretty awesome after seeing the outcomes of  my toils..
it's for my own sake in short..
i didn't focus merely on one theme..
my preference is tapestry..
means, my room should be colorful, cheerful and sparkle..
kling! kling!

here are some photos taken as the outcomes of my new room's design..
the very own design from me..
enjoy viewing! xD

a bear laying on bed

mr pink and his buddy as the guards on the desk..

look childish..but, i do like it..catchy rite?

the whole view of my desk

looking forward to come up with a new design in the next semester <3

Monday, January 09, 2012


sharing with you NEWS from village..
situated in the rural area somewhere in sibu..
it takes about 1 and a half hour from town to my village..

raining continually flooded up my village..
fortunately, it was not as worse as the previous year..
most villagers need to move their cars n motorbikes to high land area
or else, they will end up by submerging in the water..

it was not an unusual natural disaster for all the villagers..
it did not happen once or twice, but quite regular..

it was fun in fact as we were able to play n swim all around the long house itself..hahaXD

instead of being a trainee teacher..

instead of being a trainee teacher..
i wish i culd be a great and professional photographer..
cuz i love photo...SO MUCH!
itt's becoming my habit to take my own photos..
when boredom hits me..

this few photos of mine were taken in my room a few hour ago..
i do wish i culd expand this talent in days to come..
n knwing that,
learning process always takes place and nver comes to its end..
so, i'll keep learning and going through some improvement..
those who are expert in photography,
i really hope u'll help me out..

Sunday, January 08, 2012

this feeling..

aku benci mcm ni..
aku xdpat buang prasaan "homesick"..
i love holiday, but sumtime i hate it..
see what happen after long break..
aku rindu sgt2 ngn family aku..
missing xmas n new year celebrations that day..
dh lar CNY ni xblik..i'm sure i'll cry later on..
nmpak btul aku blum dpt berdikari..n undeniably, i rely much on my family..

one thing i want they to know..
i love them no matter how n in what condition i'll be..
they give me calls evry day..n i culd say tht's not enough to be a remedy..
should i cry n shout out loud..
so tht i will relieve..

n i found tht's the only solution i culd find out by right..='(
mumy n me <3

beloved family <3

dady n me <3