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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

book of excuses

hey people out thre!
today's atmosphere seems cold after raining. i wonder how many people still "playing around" in their dreamlands since it's the most appropriate weather to close your eyes, hug ur teddy bear and zzzZZZ..

dear adorable people out there, i guess i cme up with an interesting entry for today. it's not something sparkling nor heart-melting..
it's sumting fun to be read.hahaha. 

have u ever had a "BOOK OF EXCUSEs" in ur classroom or home??
have u ever practice having it??
no?? yes??
it's not a joke and seriously i mean it..
still disbelieve?? no worries guys, i got a proof here.
jeng! jeng! jeng!
i was the one who in charge of this book..haha

it had been implemented and practised in my class in 2009, but now no more..
a few conditions had been agreed on:
1) those who come late to the class or enter the class after the lecture had started MUST write their excuses in the book.
2) the excuses MUST not be the same among individuals.

interesting right?? and of cuz i like the idea of having such book.
but unfortunately, its implementation doesn't go that long and loose..
we've to stop since not all lecturer ask the students to write their excuses whenever they make mistakes..
and not all students willing to write the excuses.
but for me, i prefer to write rather than to stand in front of the class and verbally tell the lecturers ;)

some excuses might be funny,
but no worries guys,
        ur names are kept confidential..haha
enjoy reading!

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