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Monday, February 20, 2012

there goes a present again..

today..was a fairytale.tet! haha
today was filled with joys and hyper-activeness especially during the lecture..
we had a phonic song presentation juz now,
where me and some friend of mine being the "class clown"..
class clown is not a taboo word for me..
we're being a class clown absolutely not to seek for the attention,
if u do describe us in such a way, MIDDLE FINGER for u! ^_*
in fact, we wanna make the class alive and full of excitement..
or else, u will end up with damn boring and killing lecture ever..

regularly receiving the gifts since the 3rd sem had begun, i noticed it^^

juz get into my main entry for today,
our hard works, hyper-activeness, childishness got rewarded for presenting the best phonic songs..
*a round of applause :)
really unique present i guess..haha

before offiiciated..

stuff inside..hahaxD

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