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Monday, January 09, 2012

instead of being a trainee teacher..

instead of being a trainee teacher..
i wish i culd be a great and professional photographer..
cuz i love photo...SO MUCH!
itt's becoming my habit to take my own photos..
when boredom hits me..

this few photos of mine were taken in my room a few hour ago..
i do wish i culd expand this talent in days to come..
n knwing that,
learning process always takes place and nver comes to its end..
so, i'll keep learning and going through some improvement..
those who are expert in photography,
i really hope u'll help me out..


  1. gambar header smart ohh.. pakai camera jenis pe nieh photographer nieh??

    salam kenal,, klo sudi jemput datang blog.. :)

  2. akuamir: biasa cyber-shot..ok2, nnti sya jadi follower awak ek..=)