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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2 things that really made my day :)

Blood Donation Campaign was done successfully!
congrate to all members of BSMM for the hard work to attract lot of donors to come and mke donation.
and one thing funny about the day,
i was able to go to the 1st counter to chck my blood type.
but then i was running away before leading to next, next, next counters..damn funny!
the reason y i didn't move on to the other counters was tht..
i culdn't escape from the feeling of afraid to blood, and it happened since i was a kid (damn me!)
i easily can get suffocated and feel the agony on certain part of the body (weaknesses)

dream came true since i knew what blood type i owned..
it's "O" (universal donor after all..hee)
though i was afraid to mke blood donation,
i'll make sure that someday i donate my blood to those needy..
when i'm 100% prepared and empty the nervousness + allergy..

another thing that made my day for today was..
i put on weight..
50kg------> 52kg
awesome! n i was satisfied with the 2 kg..
n hopefully, in days to come, i'll be increasing in height as well..hahaxD

(= =)

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