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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

besday of mine..

teng! teng! teng! hee..
it's almost 12's gonna leave my 20th anniversary soon..miss a mere celebration of it with those sweetest wishes ever..
received lot of wishes from my bezties, acquaintances n lovely relatives..
thanks a lot guys..luv u oll..ummuuuahhhh! >.<
some promised me to treat me for dinner (kepci)..
they haven't fulfill their promises..n i'm goin to remind them bout it..haha *demanding a bit

1st person wished me that day was my intimate frenzy (since kindergarten)..
he's having the same bufday with me..but he's one year older than me (means, he's 220190, mine is 220891)
i'm glad that everyone remember me..i feel like reborn today..
even some is kinda forget bout my bufday, but i nver blame them for that..they are busy working on their assignmnt, perhaps they didn't on9, or go for dates..hohoho

wanna ask my mum to cook my favorite meal after reaching home this coming friday..lalala..
missing my family right now..;)
currently, listening to iban's songs..hee..

oh, i juz remembered bout friends of mine..
they welcomed me to the club of 20th..hurmm..i guess i'm not ready to walk into it..still miss m y 19th era (childishness era)..
even no celebration being held this year, but i was elated, glad, so much cheer as those friends of mine owez remember me..u ol are gifts from God to occupy a part of my life..

me and my pink!
till then..thanks again to ol beztie..luv u guys..ummuahhhhh!!