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Sunday, April 08, 2012

beginning of sheer pressure..b prepared!

will i be like this??
i'm a little bit under pressure..i mean for the current situation. Only God knows the real mixed-feelings that i own right now. Assignments, micro teachings, Unit Beruniform, replacement class which i dislike so much..urghhh! life won't be tht easy since this is the beginning of hectic months, for both april and may. UJjian Akhir Kursus which will be held next week, n i'm totally unprepared for it. Plus the subject that really doesn't interest me at ol, the one related to History subject which i've learnt in Secondary school. Gosh! such a long description i've made. sorry for extending the description..ngee^^

or hit by the books while revising??
        exam is another thing that every single of teacher trainee need to face by May. I must do well and raise up to the place where i've began reaching the highest pointer before. i MUST and BELIEVE i can do and bring back the triumphant.

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