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Thursday, January 12, 2012


laz week i've decorated my room
since it had been left dusty for one and a half month..
it was not an easy job in decorating..
lot of things need to be done..
lot of things need to be pasted..
to be torn off..
to be changed..
to be swept away..

but, it was pretty awesome after seeing the outcomes of  my toils..
it's for my own sake in short..
i didn't focus merely on one theme..
my preference is tapestry..
means, my room should be colorful, cheerful and sparkle..
kling! kling!

here are some photos taken as the outcomes of my new room's design..
the very own design from me..
enjoy viewing! xD

a bear laying on bed

mr pink and his buddy as the guards on the desk..

look childish..but, i do like it..catchy rite?

the whole view of my desk

looking forward to come up with a new design in the next semester <3


  1. very awesome!!! ^_^

    soooo jealous!! huhu..

  2. kamalul: u should come more often..hoho

  3. Nice bro...
    you should make some tutorial(suggest kunun ne)haha

    1. fortuneteller: me? making tutorial? haha. nothing to share xtually..others can do btter that wht i've done..=) perhaps, 're one of those..