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Thursday, February 23, 2012

a son's words

they never asked for change. they extremely accept me for who i am. who believes i've stood here, be in da same boat with other fellas. countless hardships, and sliced by thorny sharped bushes of almost unbelievable things happened in the past, at laz i've been here for wht i deserved to have. there's no sigh since the indescribable events dragged me to the peak of triumphant. i really thank both of my beloved parents as well as the whole family of mine for had been there to speed the determination. "only the bird's mother knows how to feed her kids". other won't do. they never knew, but they noticed wht happened. not trying to make the flashback of the plots, but merely to touch the bottom of the bitterness. enormous hardships had past, n i can't conceal the instinct tht keep saying, "you're heading towards solitude and joys". cuz their prayers be my stick while i'm away for thousand miles..promise, i'll be back with the thre for me now and ever after..

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