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Sunday, January 08, 2012

this feeling..

aku benci mcm ni..
aku xdpat buang prasaan "homesick"..
i love holiday, but sumtime i hate it..
see what happen after long break..
aku rindu sgt2 ngn family aku..
missing xmas n new year celebrations that day..
dh lar CNY ni xblik..i'm sure i'll cry later on..
nmpak btul aku blum dpt berdikari..n undeniably, i rely much on my family..

one thing i want they to know..
i love them no matter how n in what condition i'll be..
they give me calls evry day..n i culd say tht's not enough to be a remedy..
should i cry n shout out loud..
so tht i will relieve..

n i found tht's the only solution i culd find out by right..='(
mumy n me <3

beloved family <3

dady n me <3


  1. Sbr la sikit nanti cuti boleh la balek uma lg :D
    same goes here, I miss my family damn much especially mom :( but its ok nnti kita plang uma g

    so, no worries k.. fighting!

  2. Jerry Chubby on the first picture ^^ sweet! I am sure they miss you too! make them proud k :D

  3. farid: can't wait for the upcoming h'day..fighting! sa nmpak plik chubby2 ni..terbiasa jdi skinny kali..haha