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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Obsession on Weight

i'm not forgetting about my personal time of writing in the blog nor to press 'DEL" and go for another media. It's just that lately was totally packed with "to-do lists". Hardly could find time for amusement where others done with their assignments. Btw, a bit relief after handing in the last piece of assignment in the past few day.
      lately, i was astonished by weight, i mean mine. A rapid increase was there, from 54kg to 56 kg. I doubted it at the first place where i have to recheck it for another time. And there i go!! 56kg was there! no doubt! not anymore..haha..i'm goin to tell my parents about this and it is must!! I bet, i'll b putting on weight after Hari Gawai..n it's guaranteed! i've no idea about this rapid change. uncertainty, whether this would help me to be healthy or the other way round. Hopefully, I totally healthy and praise to God to keep me healthy..ever after^^

Sunday, April 08, 2012

beginning of sheer pressure..b prepared!

will i be like this??
i'm a little bit under pressure..i mean for the current situation. Only God knows the real mixed-feelings that i own right now. Assignments, micro teachings, Unit Beruniform, replacement class which i dislike so much..urghhh! life won't be tht easy since this is the beginning of hectic months, for both april and may. UJjian Akhir Kursus which will be held next week, n i'm totally unprepared for it. Plus the subject that really doesn't interest me at ol, the one related to History subject which i've learnt in Secondary school. Gosh! such a long description i've made. sorry for extending the description..ngee^^

or hit by the books while revising??
        exam is another thing that every single of teacher trainee need to face by May. I must do well and raise up to the place where i've began reaching the highest pointer before. i MUST and BELIEVE i can do and bring back the triumphant.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

i'm glad i'm a school teacher

         last few week, i went to a school nearest to my long house, purposely for our 3rd SBE(School Based Experience). it was not a big school nor with the wide compound and not even with the high school building. it was small school with a very less student there. I really get into SBE this time since i've gone through roughly more than twice experience of going and teaching in the school. Let's enjoy viewing the pictures:)

and i present myself to Hari Permuafakatan held on saturday

Monday, March 26, 2012

Back to campus life. Nothing else i culd say, juz that 2 weeks holiday was totally full of enjoyment. Spending time with family is another inerasable part. Feeling empty the moment i'm away from home. Start to miss them and every single moment i've spent in home. Especially the scrumptious home cooks.
    Today, first thing i've done in the morning was reading the Holy Bible. that's the way i culd calm myself and bring back study mode. Since yesterday nite, i kept calling and receiving calls from home. It's indescribable how i miss my home so bad.
   And i've started counting the days towards another upcoming holiday in Mei. 8 weeks to go, hoping for time to flies and approaches Mei in a glimpse.
   Can't hold these tears anymore. I realized that i'm truly weak inside. These tears are nothing compared to the feeling of missing my beloved family.

"An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship"
i wanna be a bird who can fly freely in the sky, heading towards my home..:(

this feeling is undeniably unendurable..:( 


i realized that..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

a son's words

they never asked for change. they extremely accept me for who i am. who believes i've stood here, be in da same boat with other fellas. countless hardships, and sliced by thorny sharped bushes of almost unbelievable things happened in the past, at laz i've been here for wht i deserved to have. there's no sigh since the indescribable events dragged me to the peak of triumphant. i really thank both of my beloved parents as well as the whole family of mine for had been there to speed the determination. "only the bird's mother knows how to feed her kids". other won't do. they never knew, but they noticed wht happened. not trying to make the flashback of the plots, but merely to touch the bottom of the bitterness. enormous hardships had past, n i can't conceal the instinct tht keep saying, "you're heading towards solitude and joys". cuz their prayers be my stick while i'm away for thousand miles..promise, i'll be back with the thre for me now and ever after..

Monday, February 20, 2012

there goes a present again..

today..was a fairytale.tet! haha
today was filled with joys and hyper-activeness especially during the lecture..
we had a phonic song presentation juz now,
where me and some friend of mine being the "class clown"..
class clown is not a taboo word for me..
we're being a class clown absolutely not to seek for the attention,
if u do describe us in such a way, MIDDLE FINGER for u! ^_*
in fact, we wanna make the class alive and full of excitement..
or else, u will end up with damn boring and killing lecture ever..

regularly receiving the gifts since the 3rd sem had begun, i noticed it^^

juz get into my main entry for today,
our hard works, hyper-activeness, childishness got rewarded for presenting the best phonic songs..
*a round of applause :)
really unique present i guess..haha

before offiiciated..

stuff inside..hahaxD