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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


sudden entry! since it came across my mind..haha
it's kinda peculiar since this entry might merely suitable for the little ones..
but, it's purposely for friendly reading..
teenage,adults can be counted as well..
no restriction to enjoy reading the childish contents..

still able to recall back ONE of  the favorite tv series those day, MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS??
it was the first power rangers series i've watched..
the following years, other types of power rangers series had been released..
do u able to remember their names?? 
if not, i got a brief details regarding all of them ;)

six of them

he's an author of martial art

he's a film producer

he's a dancer

she was an actrees before involving in an accident and dead

she's a singer and very talented in composing songs

i didn't manage to find the details about the green ranger.
but i know his name..TOMMY =)

and not to forget their friend..
i'm not sure what his name is..
but it always uttering the "ayaiyai" sound...haha
do inform me if u know its name..


last entry for today..
gud nite people..emmuah! ;)



  1. hai.. awak kena tag ngan saye... dalam game.. "terkena game tag jom jawab dan tanye" jawab taw...

  2. soe late rply, cm na main tu ar?? haha

  3. saya pun minat power rangers ni dulu! hehe.. huuu.. tua dh david yost.. amy masih cantik..

    btw, jemput singgah ke blog Zam time free ;)

    1. bez kan tgok power ranger dlu2..skrg ni xbez worries, nnti sya follow kmu ek?? ^^