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Thursday, August 04, 2011

'Pandak Mulut Engkerasak, Panjai Mulut Kitai"

perhaps some followers found that the title above sounds 'alien' to them..
no wonder's written in Iban's Language maa..hahaXD
guess that u might wonder bout the exact meaning of it..

here we go!
it's a special column provided in the most-popular (among dayak) magazine written in Iban's Language..
it's also a proverb among Iban's community existed hundred years ago..

by showing and explaining the title above..
i got the intention behind it actually..hee *evil laughing
i'm goin to allocate a special column for this entry..
what i'm goin to write inside it??
let's check the following summary..

"i'm goin to criticize bout certain people, their unfavorable deeds..
those who unsatisfied me surely will become the victims of it..
those who being so unrespectful (in decision, manner etc)..
it might go across the knows boundaries..n tht's for sure"

it's soon to be another entry for my blog..keep waiting yar..

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