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Saturday, August 13, 2011

finally, we grab the chance!!

was so much fun and enjoyed our photoshoot session..

our so-called professional photographers ..
thumbs up to both of them..
they're absolutely PROF! (sincere compliment 4 sure)
they got assistant too
n not to be forgotten..
list of models(kunun)! gotcha!
farid, stiffi, wan, n me myself..

i've been waiting for this chance..
n today..
it's in my hand..=)
proud to be the chosen one..

a friend of mine ever refers me to "photocapturingmaniac"
i love taking photo..
n mostly my own photos..
even when i got a chance during the lecture..
i will snap some photo using my phone..
you can ask Dor if you don't believe me..
she saw & caught me taking some photo in the class that day..
she also did take some photo of hers too..
try to imitate me arrr?? hahaha..

cut those crabs! hoho..

here are some photos taken at Sutra Harbour during the photoshoot session..
enjoy viewing..

4 frenzies..never be apart..<3 ummuahhh!

taken by STIFFI ELSIE, edited by Me

can't imagine how i love this 'WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY"..
perhaps, it's gonna be another career of mine..
those who are really expert in this field
please, do comment on me..
be my guidance..
so, i can improve those shortcomings..

till then =)
have a great weekend..
it's such a chilly nite..


  1. zell: lot of appreciation to both ajit n u..

  2. dora: hehe..thx dor..we merely give our bez to both phtographer..