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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Falling on You..

It's morning, a warmest morning..
can't even close my eyes nor lay down on the bed..
to occupy the warmness of surrounding..
let's listening to the song..
falling on one of those..
it's touching, motivating..dedicated for my beloved ones..luv u guys..ummuahh!

I don't need a parachute
Baby, if i've got you
Baby, if i've got you
I don't need a parachute
You're gonna catch me
You're gonna catch if i fall
Down, down, down..

part of the song's lyric..
realized the deeper meaning of this part..
"even if we're falling down and there's someone who's goin to rescue us..there's should be no worry at all..someone who's willing to sacrifice his or her life for us is incomparable to parachute..even parachute is not guaranteed can save our lives after all..those who sacrifice a lot for us are the exact people who are really care bout us"

"for those who are really care bout me, thanks for always be there the moment I need you damn much..wanna be in ur embrace all the time so that i feel my life savor  till the world ends..never let me fall, yet lift me up and bring me out of distress"

till then..nunite =)

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