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Friday, August 12, 2011

1st Lense

hey guys..
since a few day haven't update anything to my blog..
tonite, i come up wif a new story of mine..gee =)

IT has became a part of me since yesterday..
1st time wearing IT was kinda hurt..
IT hurts my eyes..
n feel like want to cry (tears fall down)

guess what is it??
perhaps, it's something usual or typical for you..
but for me it's something new..
it's a new interest of using it..teet!

here i got my contact lense
it's my first time wearing this kind of stuff..
sorry, if it doesn't fit me
like i even care!
as long as it satisfied me..;)
before being officiated!
Me In Lense..

Me COMPARED to the Lense's model..


but, here i got one thing to be highlighted:
"friends of mine said, my eyes getting bigger by wearing this"
*looking at the mirror..hahahaXD


till then..=)

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