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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Day of Celebration..

juz completed arranging the documents indise my lappy..
what a hectic day i have!

the damn thing i had today was "printer's ink-->running low!"

nyway, put those damn things aside..
wanna tell a story of 4 frenzies having an outing on the last saturday..
it was not an anecdote yarr! hoho..
it was a story bout having celebration for our "flying color" results..
not simply celebrate it..
bt, it was for thanksgiving..

we merely had simple celebration..
having our "makan2" time..
n not to forget..
it's a MUST!
pixcha of us! ;)

faridah, wani n me..

me n farid..both in purple.

very own pic of mine..photoshoot is a part of routine..hoho

p/s: sorry to STIFFI, culdn't upload any photo of u..suddenly, the file got prob! 
will be uploaded the moment i've fixed worry..cheers!!

till then..

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