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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

dream comes true..

Last weekend, my dream came true..
I bought a "Cute" bag..Emphasis: "The First"..means what? i also dunno lor..haha XD
perhaps, it means "who will be THE FIRST to buy me?" hohoho..
it's affordable and of course portable..perhaps, i'll bring it along whenever i'm goin out later on..i got 2 bags by right..both are so much different from one another (including pattern).
my new bag! how is it?? it's wearing spect some more..

lemme introduce to u..a cute keychain..i hang it on my beg..she got a name..since thre's a written word on her body "me too", hence i name her "Mitu"..hoho


  1. Hee really cute! I've told u earlier to buy this one. but then, you seem to ignore me!!! :P

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  3. hahaXD..i was not simple ignoring u..i juz need to make a decision..otherwise, if i was too rush then i culdn't own such a cute stuff..hehe..tht's why i need to think which one i shuld buy..luckily i didn't pick da red one..:P