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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Almost Indescribable..

Three words to describe Today--> Thankful, Elated, Astonish.<3

Writing this entry with a smile X)..
It's such a New Day..
New beginning of Life..
Another Lively Path..

the reasons for "a big smile" today were:

1) again, dream came true! yahoo! bought new T-shirt n another collection of "Spect"..
another spect of mine..

2) Today was so much lively..outing with beztie made my world spinning faster (full with laugh, do whateva satisfied us)
notice this: nobody would scream on the jetty at nite..hahahaXD

My Beztie: Faridah(Farid), Wani & Vel..

3) this might be something personal..
something that really astonishes me damn much! 
i won't reveal this till i confirm the truth of be continued after 9.00 a.m ..

Nice to See, Nice to View..
Boredome pushes me into this..XD

Till then..=)

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