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Friday, August 19, 2011

amusement behind a profession as an English Teacher..

hello guys,
how's today?? duin good?? a friend of mine doesn't do good today..pity him..try to help but dunno wht to do n even how to help..but, no prayer owez accompanies you..;)

hmmm, my entry is quite interesting (for me larr..)
talking bout my profession as a FUTURE ENGLISH TEACHER..quite a number of people think that being a teacher is juz to gain your own salary, teachers are given enough holiday, being a teacher is quite bored (stupid assumptions are made without thinking critically bout it)
for me, i nver felt regret of choosing this's a noble profession as wht saying says..even my own family, they really encourage me to be in this profession..not merely it's guaranteed..but, for me dealing with little kids is fun! gotcha! mostly, they are cute, funny, naughty (perhaps sumting that i really hate to deal with but still i wanna give my bez to chnge them into a person with good manner afterwards)..

back to the main ideas of writing this entry..
we're goin to perform our short play tmorrw (means, no chance to woke up late..hurmmm *sighing)..
working on teaching aids seems to be hard..but, dun u know behind this scene, it's so much fun actually!
below are those masks(props) for tmrrw short play..wish us luck! ;)

terabur suda my room! hahaXD
lot of activities based on kids' preference need to be done..finally, we act like kids as well..hahaha..XD

till then..=)