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Monday, October 17, 2011

no one expects Laz Nite's Miracle..

hmmmm..damn sleepy by rite..sleep deprivation..hahaXD
gonna sleep after class juz now, but need to update sumting in my blog..well, u knw as a blogger, blog is da main thing to be updated instead of FB, TWITTER..perhaps, EVERYDAY..haha

i would describe laz nite as "UNEXPECTED"..
till the word being approached and approaching existed..
it's juz like..
looking at someone in a far distance..then, tht someone walking closer n closer..
and then accidentally bump with you..
nver thought tht life is so great..amazing some more..

humorous part:
someone said, "sedap mata memandang".."berisi lagi dri dlam gambar d FB"..oo, gosh! is tht for real??
the word "macam terbiar" burst me into laugh..hahahaha..melampau lar juga bha ko ne..*naaa, kluar suda slang sabah dia..
if it goes tht way, i'm really happy to hear that..
cuz one thing bout me, i dun like the SKINNY ME..wanna be moderate like others..<3
doesn't mean i didn't appreciate myself, it just bout satisfaction..hee

kepci, apple juice, KBOX, hang out..
how i wish i culd have those in times to come..
more,. more and many more..
thanks for treating..and for sure, sory for troubling..

now, come to official...?? tet! hahaha..
lot of questions bein' asked and i'm bout to blur a bit..
the written REMINDER should be kept secretly, tightly from today onwards..
promises made should be fulfilled..
hopefully, it's a great option, great care taker..
now and ever after..

juz like an apple, bite it cuz it tastes sweet

it's similar to drink a cup of coffee, when someone get facsinated by its aroma,
he or she will keep consuming on it..

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