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Friday, October 14, 2011

Last Thursday Evening..

hye peeps! bringing u new update from me..gotcha! >.<

thre was a handball tournament held in our campus juz now (evening). most of my frenzies took participate, but not me..haha..reason why?? emm, i guess i didn't engage with this games YET..i prefer swimming or dancing more :P 

hmm, back to our main entry for today..while others busy struggling in the field to make shoot at lez a goal, i was busy capturing pic in the hostel..hahahahaha..kinda crazy, but the outcomes of it was pretty awesome..even i didn't use kind of DSLR type of cute maroon Sony captures quite good quality pic..the pertinent in capturing 4 me including  ANGLE, LIGHTING and choices of PLACE, THING, as well as depend on ur Model's poses. i'm not sure bout other aspects..perhaps, u can ask those who expertise in photography..<3

the following are some photos taken in the evening..

luv this caption! 

corridor's light switch

hee..more pic will b uploaded soon =)

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