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Monday, September 19, 2011

sweetest, memorable n enjoyable Saturday outing

heyooo beloved frenzies!!
my new update after Raya's h'day has came..
how's today?? feel dun? tired of duin xsgmnet especially to my clazmates..
it's chilly tonite since it was drizzling juz now..

talkign bout having saturday outing laz week..
it was so, so, so, so, so awesome..
passing by those people tht i knew merely through FB..
those acquaintances,
long loss contact frenzies..
it was a great rendezvous..<3

went out with frenzies is da bez part ever..
laugh till got stomach;s undeniable..

the best part was when it came to photoshoot..
me and wan..
ery and farid

yet, it was a special day for me..
bumped with my acquaintance at CP..(rendezvous)
promise must be fulfilled..
i got something that day..
something special, cute, and kinda lovable <3

me and my cutest bear! <3
i got this! <3
till then..nunite..ummuahhh! 

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  1. wah I love the first picture of you can Wani =D

    Last assignments this Friday! Gambatte Jer! hehehe