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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Again..I Cry..

hye guys..
new update from me after Raya's Holiday..
currently in Bakong right now..
n off to Miri afterwards..
back to KK tomorrw..see u guys! ;)

perhaps, most of my frenzies had their fun during holiday..
but, mine went the other way around..
my beloved grandma fell sick..
and i juz noticed it when i reached home on the day i back home..
i was totally sad..
the world seemed gloomy that week..
about 3 days i need to look after my grandma before she was hospitalized..

till today..
i owez call my parents and ask for my grandma..
recently i heard..
she can recognize some people who were familiar to her b4..
i;m afraid that she won't be able to recognize me...anymore..
i'm totally afraid of losing her..
wanna be by her side..
but, time totally constraints me of doing so..
i need to do my PBS (which had been accomplished)..

perhaps, nobody knows that deep inside i cry..
she's a beloved grandma i ever have..
God, listen to my pray..
through spoken word or when my heart ask for Your help..
begging u..
be her Saviour..
~ amen ~

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